A Message from Guy:

PLEASE...Anybody that's ever been a fan of me please listen to this even if you don't believe in God. God made you and he loves you and by the way so do I and that's why I if I have ever done anything in my life I did it just to make you happy. So....If you ever think for one moment you are so sad you would want to end the miracle that you are by taking your own life, God loves you so much he doesn't want you to go to Heaven if that's the way that you want to go. Because he wants you to be loved and feel love while you are on this earth, and then to go meet him him in heaven. I know that life is rough and that we all hit rough spots and we all feel like we want to die at one time or another and God knew this too. Heknows everything. And he wants you to just take a deep breath; figure things out. Say a prayer to him because he'll know you haven't figured things out yet. Just take a moment and pray, and ask God what you should do. I know God pretty well and he's gonna tell you 'I love you'; so calm down and realize even if you feel like no one on earth loves you, God loves you and he wants you to be happy. And then you just start figuring out what made you feel so bad and get that person or that situation away from your life because it, or they, or someone made you feel so bad that you wanted to leave this earth and you felt so bad about it. But you can't even go see God and all the people who died and live with him now forever. So please, if all the cartoons, or all of the things that I ever do mean anything to you honey, remember I just did that to make you happy. And I'm telling you right now if you feel unhappy that makes me sad and makes God sad too and you can talk to God anytime you want even if sometimes you can't talk to me right away because I am off making somebody else happy. Maybe at someone at the fair where I'm working, one little boy or a girl who feels sad, or maybe through TV and movies and all the things I've done it's trying to make everybody feel happy instead of sad. I don't care about money. I care about you. And so does God. And I if you think I'm smart, no I'm' stupid. Because God is smarter than me and he is my boss.